Discover the
Drôme Provençale

A region endowed with an amazing heritage

Whether you’re looking for tourist, cultural or sport activities, The Drôme Provençale region has got everything you need. Amidst vineyards and lavenders, discover a region with an outstanding cultural and historical heritage. With its mediterranean climate and its friendly people, it’s a place that is just waiting to be discovered and wandered.

Places to discover


Dieulefit is a town with a very special ambiance and style, only 12km away from La roche Saint Secret. You’ll find many workshops and pottery shops there, as well as some art galleries. Dieulefit is also known to have a pleasant climate : geographically located in the Jabron valley, the air is really dry. During the year, persons with breathing problems stay there and are treated in thermal centres. There’s also a Club Mediterranée in Dieulefit.

La place Châteauras à Dieulefit
Le château de Grignan


This medieval village was built on top of a hill : it’s a picturesque place with good restaurants and bars. The Grignan castle is the biggest castle that was built during the Renaissance period in the south of France : it’s really impressive, dominating the town rooftops. You’ll also find many shops and art galleries there.


It’s the area where the ” Midi ” begins : the accent changes, the climate is softer, and people are more relaxed. The town is really famous worldwide for its nougat production. It’s not surprising, considering the amount of almond trees cultivation. You can visit the nougat factory there. The Adhémars castle (built during the 12th century) is also worth checking out : several buildings from the Renaissance are really nice.

Les rues piétonnes du centre ville de Montélimar
Le marché provençal de Nyons


Nyons is located in the gorgeous Eygues valley. Sheltered by the surrounding mountains, it’s the place where the climate is the most pleasant in la Drome : the nature obviously benefits from it, and you’ll see many olive trees.

The town is a mix between old and new. The most recent part offers many shops and bars. If you take a visit to the old part of the town, don’t hesitate to stop by the Liberation town square to have a drink, on one of the numerous terraces. The olive tree museum is also worth a visit : it explains how olive oil is produced. Don’t forget the farmers’ market every thursday (and on sunday during summer). At the north end of Nyons, you’ll find the starting point of a really famous hike, accross the olive trees fields : it’s the ” Promenade des Anglais et de Vaux”.

Le Poët-Laval

5km west of Dieulefit, you’ll find a well preserved medieval village : it’s a nice place to take a walk and to relax. If you’re a beer fan, don’t hesitate to take a visit to the Vieille Mule craft Brewery : its beers are real quality products.

Le village du Poët-Laval
Le château de Simiane à Valréas


The village was built on top of a hill : you’ll see the old ramparts of a castle (14th century), that goes around the town. Valréas is an enclave of the Vaucluse department in la Drôme, called ” the Popes enclave”.


Buis les Baronnies is surrounded by high mountains, 30km south-east of Nyons. It is well sheltered, and benefits from a really enjoyable micro-climate. The agriculture production is really diverse there : lavender, apricots, cherries, almonds, olives and linden. By the way, the village is nicknamed “the linden’s world’s capital”.

Vue depuis Buis les Baronnies

Visit and taste in the Drôme


In the Drôme Provençale and the Vaucluse region, there are vineyards as far as your eyes can see. You’ll find there a huge variety of wines, all of them being real quality products. We recommend you especially :

Le vin des Côtes-du-Rhône
Le nougat de Montélimar


Montélimar is the historical nougat’s hometown. You can buy or taste nougat at Arnaud Soubeyran, near the RN7 (direction Montélimar). It’s open every day, except on sunday. Phone number : 04 75 51 01 35.

Olive oil

Don’t hesitate to stop by the Nyons agricultural cooperative for a guided tour. It’s open from monday to saturday, from 8:30am to noon, and from 2pm to 5pm. You can also take a visit to Richard’s oil Mill, located in Aouste-sur-Sye, and open every day except on sunday.

Huile d'olive de Nyons
Plateau de Valensole lavandes


The Bleu Provence distillery in Nyons produces and distills lavender essential oil. Feel free to take a visit to the shop (it’s free) all year long. You can also choose the guided tour option, to learn how lavender oil is produced.


The Tricastin and Truffle’s house, located in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, tells you all you want to know about black truffle. It’s open all year long, except on sunday morning, from 9am to noon, and from 2pm to 6pm (until 7pm during summer). Don’t forget the truffles’ market, from november 15 to march 15 !

La truffe en Drôme provençale
Clairette de Die

Clairette de Die

Around Die, in the Drôme valley, you’ll find many producers of this delicious sparkling wine : you can of course taste it before buying it ! Feel free to go have a drink of Clairette de Die (or maybe more).


This famous goat cheese is a great specialty of the Drôme region. You’ll find some Picodon almost everywhere : in farmers’ markets, in cheese dairies, or even in grocery stores. You can eat as much as you like !

Le Picodon, fromage typique de la Drôme Provençale
Le marché provençal de Nyons

Farmers' markets

There are plenty of them in the region :

  • on tuesday : Grignan, Vaison-la-Romaine, la Bégude-de-Mazenc, Saint-Paul-Trois Châteaux
  • on wednesday : Valréas , Buis-les-Baronnies
  • on thursday : Nyons (and also on sunday, from may to september)
  • on friday : Dieulefit
  • on saturday : Montélimar

You’re a sports fan ?


The Drôme region is a hiker’s paradise : long hiking trails, ranging from a few hours to several days, more than 10 000 kms of circuits are awaiting you ! Hiking maps are available in all tourist offices, as well as in the bookstores. Feel free to visit the rando-drome website if you want more information.

Randonnée en drôme provençale
Cyclisme en drôme provençale

Road bike

If you’re a road bike fan, you’ll also have plenty to do : flat or steep routes, going accross amazing landscapes. You can find the map of road bike routes in all tourist offices, as well as in the bookstores. It features 18 circuits for advanced bikers, and 15 easier and shorter ones.

Mountain bike

If you’d rather go mountain biking, the Drome region is still the place to be : there’s more than 2500 kms of mountain bike circuits to ride, and many places where you’ll be able to rent a bike and find maps of the local circuits.

VTT en drôme provençale
Escalade en drôme provençale topo

Rock climbing

The Drôme region has many assets to put forward, if you want to go climbing. From the Baronnies area, with the Saint-Julien famous crag, to the Dentelles de Montmirail, and to the Saoû cliffs, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect crag to go climbing. You’ll find both sport climbing crags with single pitch routes, and many amazing multi-pitch routes. You’ll be pleased to learn that there’s a wide range of difficulties too. If you want more information about the Drome region climbing crags, take a visit to the excellent community climbing website !


If you’re more of the golfer type, here are some addresses where you’ll be able to practice your golf swing. You’ll find an 18-holes golf course at : Albon, Montboucher-sur-Jabron, Saint-Didier-de-Charpey. For a 9-holes golf course, you’ll have to go to : Bourg-les-Valence, la-Chapelle-en-Vercors, Clansayes, or Montmeyran.

Golf en drôme provençale
Équitation en drôme provençale

Horse riding

The Drôme à cheval website will give you plenty of useful information about the numerous horse riding trips, the equestrian centers…, as well as the hikes. All in all, the Drôme region offers about 2500 kms of horse riding circuits.


Amidst sunshine, mountains, wild waters, rivers with strong currents, the Drôme region, and more precisely the Diois region, has got all the assets to practice this sport activity. The various rivers where you can canoe-kayak are the Eygues and Ouvèze rivers, in the Baronnies and the Drome region. You’ll be able to rent canoes and kayaks in Aouste (near Crest), in Die and Saillans. But also in the Ardèche Gorges, which are only one hour away from our village. Feel free to visit the canoë-drôme website for useful information.

Canoe Kayak Drôme